TID 18 + PSC 18 Combo Kit 577120

TID 18 + PSC 18 Combo Kit 577120

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Product number 577120

Durable and powerful with power to go all day - the TID 18 Impact Driver.  Equipped with a robust impact mechanism and EC-TEC brushless motor for long-lasting performance year-after-year. Drive screws with confidence, speed, and precision with 3-speeds and a “T” mode for self-tapping screws.  

Create high-quality tear-free square cuts with the PSC 420 Cordless Jigsaw. Easy blade insertion and hands-free blade ejection. Zero-clearance splinter guard inserts help to ensure clean cuts. Integrated LED can be synchronized with the blade for even greater cut clarity.

Stay organized and be more efficient with the addition of the SYS3 M112 Systainer3.  Easily connect to the TID and PSC Systainers to move everything together as a system.
Also included is a set of wood-cutting blades for the PSC 420 with blades for fine cuts, fast cuts, scroll cuts, curve cuts, and straight cuts.

This kit includes:

-576480 TID Compact Set

-576522 PSC 420 EB-Basic US

-204840 SYS3 M112 Systainer

-204275 Jigsaw Blade STS-Sort/25 W