MINI-Systainer T-LOC SYS-MINI 1 TL TRA 203813

MINI-Systainer T-LOC SYS-MINI 1 TL TRA 203813

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Product number 203813

The miniature addition to the Systainer storage family

The SYS-MINI is the most compact Systainer yet — allowing convenient storage for hand tools, fasteners, and other small parts. Keep smaller items organized within the Festool modular Systainer system. (Cannot be connected to standard Systainers.)

  • With improved organization, overview, and mobility, you can say goodbye to fruitless searching and unnecessary procedures. The translucent cover means that you have a view of everything at all times
  • Small parts, accessories, and consumable materials are effectively protected against dust, spray water, changes in temperature, and heavy impacts
  • For clear and structured arrangement of small parts and hand-held tools
  • Can be combined with SYS-MINI TL
  • Cannot be connected to SYS 1-5, SORTAINER, SYS MINI classic