EcoPoxy FlowCast 2:1

EcoPoxy FlowCast 2:1

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FlowCast is a 100%-solids, two-component epoxy formulated for a long gel time. It has low exothermic heat buildup and cures to a crystal-clear solid that resists stress cracking. Perfect for casting and see-through encapsulation, accentuating and magnifying the objects within.
It can be poured up to 1.5 inches depending on volume and cures to a water-like appearance.

  • Highest biorenewable content on the market
  • Crystal Clear with minimal bubbles
  • Extremely durable and impact resistant
  • Low odor, no VOC’s

We use FlowCast in any of our epoxy projects that require a pour thicker than 1/4". For pours less than 1/4" we recommend UVPoxy. 

If you have any questions about the product, or the application, you can reach us during business hours at 780-449-9663.