Base LAS-STF-PS 420 497301

Base LAS-STF-PS 420 497301

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For PS(C) 420, PSB(C) 420

Product number 497301

The felt base insert employs replaceable felts which attach via StickFix hook and loop. The felts provide maximum assurance against abrasion on delicate surfaces and finishes. Replacement felts can be purchased separately in 5-packs (497 444).

  • Attaches tool-free to jigsaw
  • Protect delicate surfaces from potential scratches or marring
  • Uses hook and loop design with replaceable felt pads
  • Compatible with all Festool CARVEX Jigsaw models.
  • with StickFix hook-and-loop surface
  • no scratches are produced on sensitive surfaces thanks to attaching the EF-LAS-STF-PS 400/420 replacement felt