Base LAS-St-PS 420 497300

Base LAS-St-PS 420 497300

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For PS(C) 420, PSB(C) 420

Product number 497300

The metal cutting base insert has a steel surface, which is far more durable that the standard base. For use when cutting metals with the CARVEX jigsaw, which is capable of cutting non-ferrous metals up to 3/4" and steel up to 3/8" thick. Please note that you need to use a metal cutting blade for this application. Also, when using dust extraction during metal cutting, you need to make use of Festool's optional spark trap to prevent hazardous conditions which may lead to fire.

  • Attaches tool-free to jigsaw
  • For use when cutting metals and metal-like materials
  • Protects base from burrs while cutting metal
  • Works with all Festool CARVEX Jigsaws
  • For all metallic materials